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About us

Terna Plus is the Terna Group company responsible for developing new businesses around the globe. International markets offer an opportunity to export the expertise we have accrued as a transmission system operator (TSO).

For many years, our Group has offered technical support to TSOs and energy companies in developing countries, also in relation to multilateral projects and programmes.

We offer international operators access to the extensive technological know-how we have consolidated in the management of complex systems, transmission, integration of renewable sources and storage systems, as well as our extraordinary industrial experience in the management and operation of systems at all voltage levels.

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Activity areas

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Infrastructural development

In markets with strong growth, which are particularly open to competition, and have a consolidated regulatory framework: we participate in international tenders for investments with limited risk profiles. We focus on new concession projects and/or BOO(T) solutions with private companies for design, construction, operation and ownership of infrastructure over a specific time frame.

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System integration

For commercial and industrial clients and system operators interested in solutions to increase efficiency or in “off-grid” solutions, and also for parties requiring support for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities: we offer our experience as global pioneers in the testing of smart solutions and innovative technology for utility-scale electrochemical storage.

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Technical advisory

For operators facing complex challenges connected to grid management, particularly in emerging countries: we offer a wide range of engineering services for system operators including analysis, design, creation and maintenance of infrastructure and installation of solutions for intelligent management of energy consumption and generation.

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