About us

Terna Plus is the Terna Group company responsible for developing new businesses around the globe. International markets offer an opportunity to export the expertise we have accrued as a transmission system operator (TSO).

For many years, our Group has offered technical support to TSOs and energy companies in developing countries, also in relation to multilateral projects and programmes. We offer international operators access to the extensive technological know-how we have consolidated in the management of complex systems, transmission, integration of renewable sources and storage systems, as well as our extraordinary industrial experience in the management and operation of systems at all voltage levels. The experience we have developed in a complex and challenging national electricity system such as Italy’s, characterised by 26 interconnections with neighbouring countries, confirms the Terna Group's role as an international integrator in the Mediterranean, and in Europe in general.

Our strategic goal is to reinforce our presence in countries with stable political and regulatory systems that need to develop or manage high and very high voltage AC and DC electricity infrastructures. We help public and private parties to develop private and state-run electricity systems, offering our expertise in the planning, construction and management of national electricity systems as well as providing innovative technological solutions and regulatory support in defining the reference regulatory framework.

Relying on Terna Plus is a solid guarantee of stability, experience and expertise for transmission markets.

In addition to our presence in Montenegro, Kenya and Turkey, Terna Plus is particularly active in Latin America, where we operate in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay. We also carefully monitor other opportunities in the region with risk profiles and characteristics that are consistent with Terna's strategic plan.

Terna's experience

The Terna group is the owner of the Italian national transmission grid (NTG) for high and extra-high voltage power and is the largest independent electricity transmission system operator (TSO) in Europe. We have a public service role, crucial to ensuring the country's power supply and enabling the entire Italian electricity system to function.

We conduct grid planning, development and maintenance activities, bringing together expertise, technology and innovation to optimise high voltage electricity transmission (transmission operator). In operating the electricity system, we ensure that power supply and demand are balanced 24 hours a day throughout Italy, the task of managing energy flows through the grid also known as "dispatching” (system operator).

Traded on the stock exchange since 2004, Terna is one of the largest companies in terms of market capitalisation on the FTSE MIB.


Our mission

New infrastructure and solutions for energy transition. Thanks to our unique skills, Terna Plus helps transmission system operators (TSOs), institutions and private parties to confront the complex challenges presented by the development and management of electricity systems.

In line with Terna’s national regulated mandate, the commitment of Terna Plus is based on a defined cap on capital allocation and a low risk profile. This enables us to promote energy transition and market development on an international scale, conscious of the shared responsibility represented by the profound transformation taking place across the globe.

This responsibility is our energy and its transmission requires very special skills. Terna Plus: Know how to manage energy.

Our governance

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Collegio Sindacale

Massimiliano Paolucci
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Giacomo Donnini
Chief executive officer
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Agostino Scornajenchi
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Manlio Coviello
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Emilia Pucci
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Consiglio Amministrazione

Mario Matteo Busso
(Board Meeting of 19 March 2021, until the approval of the 2023 Financial Statement)

Società Revisione

Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.
(Board Meeting of 9 March 2020, financial years: 2020-2022)
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