Areas of activity

Over the years the Terna Group has developed important skills and experience in the development and management of complex electricity systems, with highly effective infrastructures and excellent maintenance thanks to a strong focus on innovation.

In line with the guidelines of our industrial plan, we aim to play a key role on an international scale, implementing the best practices developed on the Italian market and optimising our know-how as a transmission service operator (TSO) and “solution provider” for high-end projects.

To this end, Terna has channelled all of its international activities, across all business lines regardless of project type or scale, into Terna Plus. Terna Plus competes on the international market with public tenders or through the secondary market, as well as pursuing direct negotiations and independent initiatives. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and projects, whether greenfield or brownfield.

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Infrastructural development

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In 2000 Terna commenced its activities in Brazil, where it continued to operate until 2009 through its subsidiary Terna Participações SA, the second largest private transmission grid operator in the country.

However, our return to the South-American country dates back to the last few years, with the two concessions Santa Maria Transmissora de Energia (SMTE) in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Lúcia Transmissora de Energia (SLTE) in the state of Mato Grosso.

For SMTE, the Santa Maria 3 - Santo Angelo 2 line has already entered into service. Extending for one hundred and fifty-eight kilometres at 230 kilovolts and supported by 322 pylons, this new electricity infrastructure will enable the transfer of energy produced by the wind farms in the south of the country into Brazil’s national transmission grid.


Through the agency Proinversion, the Peruvian Minister for Energy and Mines launched a tender for the construction and concession of the high-voltage transmission line between Aguaytía and Pucallpa in the central region of Ucayali.

The new line will be connected to the Sistema Eléctrico Interconectado Nacional (SEIN). At the end of 2017, engineering works for the infrastructure commenced; these were completed in 2018 and the environmental certification procedure began.

The work is due to be completed by the end of 2020. This infrastructure will enable an increase in the generation, transmission and consumption of energy from renewable sources, promoting its integration and impact in the context of the country's production. In this way, Terna is pursuing its strategy to combine investments and sustainability to create value.


In September 2016, Terna won the tender for the construction of over 200 kilometres of power lines in Uruguay, with the aim of increasing the efficiency and security of the national grid, promoting energy diversification and supporting the integration of energy from renewable sources in the north of the country.

The completion of the new 500 kV electricity infrastructure, extending for 213 km and crossing through the cities of Melo and Tacuarembó, is scheduled for the end of 2019.

The concessionary instructed to carry out the works is Difebal, a wholly owned Terna subsidiary. Terna Plus is currently evaluating further commercial opportunities in the country with great interest.

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System integration

We offer Terna’s experience as a global pioneer in the testing of utility-scale smart solutions and innovative technologies for electrochemical storage.

Our services are aimed at commercial and industrial clients and, more broadly, system operators interested in efficiency or “off-grid” solutions, as well as clients in need of support in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities or independent power producers (IPP), offering highly flexible business models, storage solutions, smart grids and micro-grids.

In this context, we apply the skills we have accrued in the design, development and management of hybrid systems, focusing on industries and systems that are disconnected from the consumer grid.

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Technical advisory

We offer a wide range of engineering services for system operators including the analysis, design, creation and maintenance of infrastructure and the installation of solutions for the intelligent management of energy consumption and generation. Terna supports all parties who find themselves faced with the complex challenges linked to grid management activities, particularly in emerging countries, from governmental institutions and local TSOs to market operators.

We offer our consistent technological know-how acquired in the management of complex systems, the transmission sector, renewables and electrochemical storage systems, along with our experience in the implementation of systems of all voltage levels, as well as dispatching and conduction systems for the management and operation of the national electricity system.

Our broad range of services includes feasibility studies (with assessments, evaluations and cost/benefits analyses) both for grid operators and producers or end users, as well as the management and development of the entire chain of activities for the implementation of engineering solutions and complex systems. We also take care of relations with external bodies to guarantee successful execution of the investment.

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