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In the challenging context of energy transition, we offer our experience as a global pioneer in the testing of smart solutions and innovative electrochemical storage technologies on a “utility scale” level (a larger scale compared to consumer electronics), with a large range of new solutions for the energy market.

Our services are aimed at commercial and industrial clients and, more generally, system operators, with a range of “on-grid” solutions, several of which fall within the storage categories, but also with systems to increase electricity efficiency or consultation on issues such as energy transition, efficiency, storage, TLC.

Terna Plus is the best choice for clients in need of support in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities or as independent power producers (IPP), offering highly flexible business models, storage solutions, smart grids and micro-grids.

Terna’s experience

In 2012, Terna initiated a series of pilot storage projects with the aim to maximise generation from renewable sources and at the same time increase the safety margins of the Italian transmission grid. We therefore offer our clients the guarantee of distinctive experience in this sector.

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Large Scale Project

In Italy, the Large Scale project envisages the management of "energy intensive" batteries, i.e. batteries with a high stored-energy to installed-power ratio, such as NaS 35MW/232MWh, on three different platforms (Flumeri, Ginestra e Scampitella). These platforms are the first to be adapted to fulfil grid managers’ requirements, which are controlled remotely and managed by Terna’s control centres. Their aim is to ensure maximal use of wind plants, reducing grid congestion linked to excessive wind production with regards to the power lines’ transport capacity.

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Storage Lab Project

A second, more experimental project was realized in Sicily and Sardinia: it’s called Storage Lab and is a laboratory project that allows the testing and performance assessment of the main technologies and chemistries available on the market (supercapacitors, lithium-based batteries, ZEBRA batteries, vanadium redox batteries) as well as the innovative nature of the advanced control systems for the management of multi-technological battery plants as a single plant (Virtual Power Plant). Here, we have experimented mostly "power intensive" batteries (a total of 13.45 MW/17.23MWh), which deliver a high power output for short periods of time (mainly “ancillary services”), focusing on their performance, durability and technical characteristics in different operating conditions (normal and extreme).

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Smart Island

The Smart Island project aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions on various Italian minor islands that have no connection with the national grid. Here, power plants mainly powered by RES and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) will be used. We already have a demonstration project (Giannutri Island) and 3 other projects (Giglio, Pantelleria and Certosa Islands) under way which integrate the internal combustion motors with BESS and RES.

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