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The exportation of technical skills through international technical advisory and assistance services is one of the rules for the engagement of Terna's international activities, within the scope of its industrial strategy.

Terna Plus is able to support the operators facing the challenges involved in grid management activities, especially in emerging countries, with a wide range of engineering services, such as the design, construction and maintenance of electricity infrastructure and the installation of solutions for intelligent management of energy generation and consumption. All this is made possible thanks to the expertise we have developed in all areas of transmission and our strong national and international knowledge of the management and optimisation of electricity systems.

Our offer is aimed at governmental institutions, local TSOs and electricity market operators.

  • Market studies, allocation of cross-border capacity, planning of grid development, connection and integration of renewable energy sources, dispatching, infrastructure maintenance, off-grid systems;
  • EPCM consultancy services (engineering, procurement, construction management) for other TSOs and operators for their transmission infrastructure.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies, simulations and cost/benefit analyses both in terms of network operators and in terms of producers or end-users. For each solution, we identify the set of benefits in relation to the type of customer and the context of reference (nature of the manager, topological configuration of the electricity system, etc.).

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Management and development of the entire chain of activities for the creation of engineering solutions and complex systems:

  • design
  • managing relations with suppliers (Procurement) and supervising supplies
  • managing relations with TSOs/DSOs for system connection and dispatching activities
  • plant installation
  • testing of components and systems at the suppliers’ base and on site
  • launching plant operation
  • coordination of plant construction and project management

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Stakeholder management

We maintain relations with external institutions or bodies to ensure the viability of an investment;

with regulatory bodies (e.g. identifying regulatory criteria for the fulfilment of business case prerequisites);

with national and local bodies for compliance with authorisation procedures (Environmental Risk Analysis, Security & Safety Report, etc.);

with Transmission System Operators (TSOs) or Distribution System Operators (DSOs) if the client is not a transmission grid manager or distribution grid manager.

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In Kenya the “Capacity Building for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” initiative commissioned by the local operator KETRACO and financed by the French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement - AFD).

In Turkey a project for the development of the renewable energy sector commissioned by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and financed by the World Bank.