TernaPlus V2 LineSeparator


Infrastructural development
  • General Contractors with international experience
  • Electric component suppliers (i.e. conductors, towers)
  • Engineering firms with international track record/operations
  • Local co-developers
  • RoWs, land and environmental local advisors
System integration
  • Equipment providers (BESS, RES, system management)
  • Contractor with international experience
  • Technical solution providers
  • Local co-developers
  • IT optimization software and solution providers
Technical advisory
  • Co-advisors in system and asset operation, market design
  • Engineering firm with international track record/operations
  • Local experts in electricity/transmission sector
  • Consulting company providing broad-spectrum services in the power sector and world-wide experience (from engineering to supervising)
  • Agencies for new technologies and sustainable development
  • Professionals with experience in IFIs funded projects


Infrastructural development
  • Long term concession (15 - 30 yrs)
  • Stable revenue streams investments (energy infrastructure)
  • Transparent, structured and solid markets
  • Private initiatives (merchant)
  • Fair market returns
  • Investment aligned with Terna's core competences
System integration
  • Flexibility on the business model
  • Stable revenue streams investments (PPA)
  • Private initiatives for intensive energy consumers (i.e. mining industry)
  • Fair market returns
  • Investments in peculiar technologies aligned with Terna's core competences
  • Sustainable investments
Technical advisory
  • Stable margins backed by multilateral banks
  • Assistances in local development, technological transfer and energy independence


Infrastructural development
  • Utilities (TSOs/ISOs) and governmental bodies (i.e.ministries, governement agencies, municipalities)
  • IPPs with the aim of connecting to the existing grid
System integration
  • Intensive energy consumers (commercial and industrial users)
  • Utilities and grid operators (TSOs/ISOs)
  • Generators/DSOs
Technical advisory
  • Governmental bodies, Utilities and Energy Regulators
  • Private companies approaching new markets (EPCM, RES integration issues, feasibility studies)
  • International organizations and multilateral entities